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A Powerful Platform for Telco Big Data

Telecoms network consists of hundreds of network elements that generate call detail records or event data for each phone call, text message, internet activity, or even a simple walk from one location to another. The number of records per day varies between millions and billions. In many cases, the network elements are from different vendors. The typical interface to access these records is file-based.

Communication services providers want to analyze these records to run campaigns, improve user experience, improve network or call center, or to detect fraud. They need a system that unifies source data, runs near real-time analytics, and scales with increasing network traffic.


An Elastic Stack Telco Adapters Repository ensures that the Big Data platform can seamlessly capture data from virtually any information source, such as the CSP’s network elements and B/OSS infrastructure, as well as any existing data warehouse.


A telco-oriented Data & Event Object Model maps incoming raw data into the TM Forum’s SID standard model. In this way, any person or system accessing the mapped data has an unambiguous and well-defined interpretation of it. As a result, Big Data applications based on this object model become “future-proof” and resilient to changes in data sources and structure.


A telco-specific Business & Operational Metrics Repository that follows TM Forum’s balanced scorecard approach (Customer Experience, Revenue & Margin and Operational Efficiency) as reflected in the Business Performance Measurement System.


An Event Stream Processor (ESP) captures streaming data, correlates occurring events and automatically generates triggers or alerts for subsequent actions by other systems.

Use Cases

With S-One Analytics™ CSPs become more competitive by combining data analytics intelligence
with real-time actions and realizing a wide range of innovative use cases, such as :

Churn Prevention

S-One Analytics™ continuously calculates metrics on each and every individual subscriber to predict their probability to churn. Whenever the perceived probability to churn exceeds a predefined critical threshold, S-One Analytics™ automatically triggers, in real-time, a marketing campaign to the particular subscriber, aiming at keeping them satisfied and reversing their propensity to churn.

Insights Monetization

S-One Analytics ™ enables CSPs to generate revenues by monetizing the (anonymized) data produced by all mobile subscribers as they move across the covered territory. They can measure, compare and understand what factors influence the number of people visiting a location (e.g. a shopping mall) at any time

Customer Network Experience

S-One Analytics™ leverages network data sources to generate hundreds of real time KPIs and advanced analytics and help CSPs quantify the delivered fixed and mobile network’s QoE as perceived by subscribers. The operator can view aggregated QoE metrics for the whole network or specific segments, or even drill in to an individual subscriber. An overall Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) is continuously calculated and can be used to build applications (e.g. campaigns, alerts, etc.) that are triggered automatically when a subscriber’s CSI index is below a specific threshold.

Artificial Intelligence for Network Insights

S-One Analytics™ utilizes Machine Learning and Statistical Analysis algorithms for predictive maintenance actions, maintenance time windows selection for revenue loss & service disruption minimization, incident forecasting and analysis of expected business or network impact.