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New Product Announcement – S-One™ Data Integrity Management

We’re proud to announce the release of S-One™ Data Integrity Management – our latest advanced analytics tool that provides an operations-wide approach to solving data integrity problems between network elements and billing systems.

At Synapticiel we’re constantly improving our platform. We know that with so much data coming from your network and billing systems, troubleshooting and root cause analysis can be time-consuming and labor-intensive (we feel that too!).

We’ll be building even more advanced features on top of this core technology. Our goal is to make you more effective and productive, helping you to improve quality of data driving key telco processes, resulting in lower costs and higher service profitability.

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S-One™ Data Integrity Management compares data from various sources to keep business and operational data in sync with the network. It helps improve processes to prevent discrepancies from occurring in the first place. Reconciliation features Include:

Data Collection

One of the biggest challenges in telecom business monitoring is the ability to seamlessly integrate all the different data sources.
S-One next generation data ingestion process supports generalized access to all types of data including databases (CRM, Billing, OSS), files from network elements (MSC, OCS, AuC, HLR, HSS, PCRF, DSLAM, MSAN, OLT, NGN, AAA, …) machine and application data, free text and event streams, to create a complete picture of the business and drive actionable insights.

Discrepancy Analysis

Comparing data in OSS/BSS databases to identify discrepancies and permit the reconciliation of these systems with one another and with the network. S-One Data Integrity Management permits operators to rapidly and easily update databases, or define automated, flow-through reconciliation that permits certain discrepancies to be handled without operator intervention. Reconciliation provides validated, categorized and prioritized data that can be used across operations to support fulfillment, assurance and billing tasks

S-One Rules engine based on Elasticsearch Watcher


S-One Data Integrity Management couples Discrepancy Analytics with discrepancy management workflow that captures the best practices for discrepancy detection, analysis and resolution, providing a foundation for highly efficient methods and procedures together, these data integrity management functions permit service providers to better understand how data inaccuracies are affecting operations and correct errors that drive up operations and capital costs.

S-One include a complete Case Management plugin fully integrated into Kibana
Cases are actionnables automtically via integration with S-One Smart OSS or any third party provisionning or billing system


S-One provides operation and business users all the power of Kibana in visualisation, dashboarding and analytics.

S-One allows full control over visualisations & dashboards